Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy New (Tiger) Year!

So much great news. Major chefs (David Chang, Larry Forgione, Mario Batali, and more) are coming out in favor of sustainable, local farming and incorporating these principles into their cuisines. Michelle Obama has continued to publicize the interdependence of diet and lifestyle.

Please check out the website Food Democracy Now as well as new books including Macrobiotic Cooking for Body and Soul by Mayumi Nishimura, Modern-Day Macrobiotics by Simon Brown, and Macrobiotics For Dummies by Verne Varona.

If you're on Facebook, there are many great pages to check out, including a page by Eric Lechausseur and Sanae Suzuki, who run the café Seed Kitchen and post a lot of great tips here.

Tomorrow would have been Aveline Kushi's birthday, so let us remember and honor her beautiful, generous spirit.

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